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Simple Doublecheck

The simplest way to check against the APEWS list is to query using an IP address either out of an email header or one that corresponds to a web page URL domain or DNS server domain.

Put the "dotted quad" (aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd) into the "Lookup Domain or IP #" box at the top of this page, click on the TEST button and a check against the APEWS list will be performed.

The results can be; "This was NOT found in APEWS", which means APEWS has not seen spam or spam services coming from this area of the internet. It does not mean there may not be a spammer there, just that it has not been APEWS listed. You may also wish to test against muliple blocklists at once, there are several on the internet.

The other result of the lookup can be; "This IP address or Domain was found in APEWS", which means APEWS has seen spam or spam services in this area of the internet. The entries in the list come from the knowledge and experience of the people who set up and use the APEWS lists for their own filtering & blocking purposes.

What you do with the result of a lookup is up to you, what you are seeing is just a recommendation by APEWS that, to help prevent spam, you may wish to filter or block IP address ranges that come up positive in the test. People trying to email from these IP addresses to systems using APEWS will normally see a "bounce message" with a link to our "Why was I referred to this website?" page.

Another use people put the APEWS check to is verifying that a host or network they plan to set up on is not spamming or supporting spammers in any way. Not being listed in APEWS is not a guarantee of any kind to this, but being listed is not a good sign.



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